Executable Intro Into The RESTful Java EE 8 Management API 2.0

All Java EE application servers have to provide management and monitoring data via a standardized JMX / EJB interface since 2002 via the JSR 77: J2EE Management. Such information is particularly important in "microservice" architectures to access the health and monitoring data of a service.

JSR 373: Java EE Management API 2.0 aims to expose the JSR-77 via a set of easier accessible and self-descriptive "REST" endpoints.

The early draft already runs in the cloud http://jsr373example-kabir.rhcloud.com (big thanks to @kabirkhan (RedHat) and Martin Mares (Oracle)) and is ready for click-through. The source is available, buildable with mvn clean install and should run on all Java EE servers.

Feedback is highly appreciated. Write a comment, or a mail directly to the spec.

Also checkout the other Java EE 8 specifications.

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